Public access site for Local Insight: What you need to know

When we developed Local Insight, one of the key aims was to create a tool that was accessible and easy to use by all across an organisation. We wanted everybody to be able to gain useful insights, regardless of whether or not they were a statistician or data analyst.

As part of this campaign to open up data to a wider pool of people, we offer Local Insight subscribers the option of a public facing open-access site in addition to the Local Insight tool.

Users of the open access sites do not need to log-in to the tool. These open access sites gives anybody that visits the site access to the data, reports and maps available within Local Insight, without giving away admin access to create areas, reports and the abundance of other features available.


Who are the open access sites intended for?

The audience for the open access site differs between organisations. Fundamentally, the open access sites are for anybody that needs quick and easy access to neighbourhood level data for their local communities; whether this is for work, study or personal knowledge.

We’ve outlined below a few groups and organisations that are already using open access Local Insight sites – and we love hearing about new uses to add to the list!


Reap the benefits

Encourage self serve

Local Insight open access sites are simple to navigate and users can start gaining useful insights within a few minutes. Through opening up access to data via a simple to use portal, you can encourage others to self-serve, avoid bottlenecks, and reduce burdens on the research team itself.

Save time by reducing admin needed

Local Insight subscriptions include unlimited users across your organisation and local partners. If you are extending access to a wide group of people, this can lead to quite a lot of admin time managing all the users within the system. Through opting in to an open access site, you can eradicate the need for this admin, by simply sharing the link to the open access site with colleagues.

Reduce time spent on Freedom of Information requests

The open access sites are a valuable resource to support you and your team to deal with some of the Freedom of Information requests you receive. As the open access site is in the public domain, you can direct people to where they can find information themselves within Local Insight, rather than digging out the data yourself.

Branded data portal for your local areas

Many local authorities across the country have publicly available open data portals; where users can access data across a wide range of topics. The depth and breadth of these sites are wide ranging – from simply displaying a few ward profile reports, to displaying thousands of datasets.

Local Insight is a happy medium, which provides in-depth profile reports for any local area and access to up to 800 datasets (depending on how many you choose to display). We customise the open access sites for you, so that the data portal aligns with your organisational branding. All in all, you are provided with an aesthetically pleasing, simple to use portal for your data needs.


Get in touch

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