The shapefile importer is here!


We know this development was one of the top priorities from the Local Insight user group, so we’re excited to announce that you can now create custom areas by importing shapefiles!

What can you do with this new functionality?

Consider the situation where you have:

  • An area of interest stored away in another GIS platform but can’t recreate the area exactly in Local Insight
  • 100s of areas you would like to import into Local Insight, but know it would take considerable effort to import each area individually

Well, now you can solve both of these problems with the shapefile importer tool.

How to use this functionality

To import a shapefile you will need to:

  • Head to Group admin and then Manage custom areas
  • Alongside Add custom area and Add category you will find Import shapefile
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to make sure you’ve provided the right files and information
  • You’re ready to import!

Top tip: Your areas will all be added to the category ‘Uncategorised’, so we recommend moving any areas you have here already into another category.

Now, your new areas will magically appear in your list of custom areas!

See our shapefile importer documentation for a full description what’s needed and what to expect.

Let us know

Any feedback on the process would be greatly appreciated. Do let us know at support if you have any questions.

Happy importing!