Download all the data in Local Insight at LSOA level

You can now download all the data (more than 900 datasets) in Local Insight for every Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) in the country. In addition to being able to explore data within Local Insight, we hope that access to all the raw data in one place will make further analysis even easier.

This development was inspired by our user base and voted a development priority at the 2018 Local Insight user group.

How will the All Data Download work?

You can now download a CSV file which contains all the data in Local Insight for all LSOAs in the country. This file will be updated on a quarterly basis, so that you always have the latest data at your fingertips. We will send a mailout to all users every time the file is updated to keep you in the loop.

The CSV file (roughly 300 MB in size) can be found on the Reports tab

Download data button

Please note, the All Data Download feature is only accessible on the logged in Local Insight site. Users of the public access sites will not be able to download all the data.


What does the file contain?

The file contains data for all the indicators in Local Insight at LSOA level, as well as the associated metadata (e.g. name, description, date, source).


How to find the LSOAs  you care about

In Column B, we have included the local authority names. Filter this column to search only for the local authorities you are interested in, in order to make the file more manageable.

If you need a reminder of how LSOAs are defined and how they are created check out this handy geographies guide 


Further analysis

The All Data Download makes further analysis easier outside of Local Insight. For example anybody within your organisation could very quickly and easily:

  • Use Excel or other visualisation tools to produce your own charts and tables for use in your analysis
  • Identify which (if any) of your LSOAs are in the 10% most deprived nationally for the index of multiple deprivation.

And of course the analysts amongst us could delve a lot further into the data, using the Rank command in Excel for benchmarking or using conditional formatting to see whether the areas you care about score relatively high or low compared to other areas, as a couple of examples.

We would love to know how you are using the All Data Download and if you have any ideas and tips to share with the rest of Local Insight user base, please tell us on


Download data for all your custom areas

If you want to download data for all your existing custom areas in Local Insight, you can use the dashboard export feature.

Learn how to export data from the dashboard 

We are currently improving the dashboard and the export functionality. The first iteration of improvements for this is currently in testing and there is still time to give your feedback


Full guidance & feedback

For more information on using the All Data Download, please read through the Knowledge Base.

If you have any thoughts & feedback on this new functionality then do get in touch. We’d love to hear how you are going to use the All Data Download and if there is anything we can do to make the process of accessing and analysing the data any easier.

You can get in touch with the Support Team on or on 01273 810270.