Introducing the revamped Help Centre in Local Insight

The Local Insight Help Centre has had a makeover. It is now easier to find the information and support materials you need to help you get the most out of Local Insight. 

You can access the Help Centre from the Support tab at the top of Local Insight. 

What’s new?

Alongside aesthetic improvements we have added some new features:

  • Getting started video series  
  • New articles
  • Webinar programme 
  • User permission information 

Getting started video series

The video selection can be found in the carousel at the bottom of the Help Centre. The videos are short demonstrations of how to do some of the basics in Local Insight. This is a useful resource for people who are new to Local Insight at your organisation.

Currently, there are videos on: 

If you have any suggestions for more videos let us know on 

New articles

We have added lots of new articles. This includes in depth articles on the data processes and mechanics that underpin Local Insight in the new Data and geographies category.

There is also a new section on how data is calculated for different custom areas. This is a question we get asked a lot and so, we wanted to publish the information so that everyone can understand how custom areas are defined. Find these articles under the Areas category.

Webinar programme 

We run monthly webinars that are open to all users of Local Insight. You can sign up through the Webinars tab found at the bottom of the Help Centre page.

This will redirect you to the Local Insight Eventbrite page that lists all the upcoming webinars. 

User permission information 

Not every user has access to all the features in Local Insight. There are 3 different levels of access permission. To help you understand the features you can and cannot access, there are now user permission notes at the top of relevant articles.

There is also an article that shows you how to understand the user permission level you have

Get in touch

The Help Centre is a great place to look if you have a question about Local Insight. However, you can still contact us on if you need help. 

We are always looking to improve Local Insight and the support materials. So any feedback on the tool or article suggestions are welcome!