Demography and migration census data live in Local Insight

The small area Demography and Migration census data is now live in Local Insight just two days after release by the The  Office of National Statistics (ONS). You can start using and analysing this data for all your custom areas. 

For guidance on using Census 2021 data in Local Insight please see “How to explore Census 2021 data in Local Insight”.

Summary of published data

Download the full list of indicators now available in Local Insight

We have updated or added 74 indicators to Local Insight. This release includes small area data from the Demography and Migration topic summary. 

Indicators for the following datasets can now be seen in Local Insight: 

  • Resident age and sex (3 indicators)
  • Household (1 indicator)
  • Number of Usual Residents in Households and Communal Establishments (1 indicator)
  • Legal Partnership Status (11 indicators)
  • Household Composition (14 indicators)
  • Households by Deprivation Dimensions (5 indicators)
  • Country of Birth (11 indicators)
  • Passports Held (17 indicators)
  • Length of Residence (4 indicators)
  • Age of Arrival in the UK (3 indicators)
  • Migrant Indicator (4 indicators)


We have updated 26 of the indicators in the Local Insight report. You will need to update your reports in order to see Census 2021 data here.

Data includes:

  • Country of birth / passports held (pg. 6)
  • People who have moved addresses (pg. 7)
  • Household composition (pg. 8)
  • Household deprivation dimensions (pg. 22)

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