Census 2021: Population by 5 year age bands available in Local Insight

The small area population by 5 year age bands census data is now live in Local Insight. You can start using and analysing this data for all your custom areas. 

For guidance on using Census 2021 data in Local Insight please see “How to explore Census 2021 data in Local Insight”.

Summary of published data

Download the full list of indicators now available in Local Insight.

We have added 19 indicators to Local Insight. Starting with people aged 0-4 and going up in 5 year bands until people aged 85 and over.

Please note, there are various indicators for population in Local Insight, due to figures being published as part of Mid-Year estimates and figures published as part of Census 2021 data release.

All indicators for small-area census population data are named in the following format:

  • People aged X-Y (Census 2021)

We have also created a derived indicator that shows people aged 0-14 (Census 2021).

Single age band data and bespoke age ranges

The single age band data has not yet been published at small area level. Therefore, we are unable to create derived bespoke age bands at this stage. 

If you are interested in seeing data for a particular age band please let us know on support@ocsi.co.uk and when possible, we will add those indicators into Local Insight.


We have updated the headline indicators on page 4 of the Population section in the Local Insight reports. You will need to update your reports in order to see Census 2021 data here.

Please note, the 5 year age band population by gender chart still shows data from the 2020 Mid-Year Estimates (ONS). This is because the gender breakdown data has not yet been published.

Also the population line chart that shows data over time contains data from the 2020 Mid-Year Estimates (ONS). This is because this data is more frequently published (annually) and so shows more insight.